Pioneer Paper Stock of Texas

5000 Singleton Blvd Dallas, TX 75212 Phone: 214-630-9881 Fax: 214-634-2007

World Class Service and Unrivaled Integrity.

Pioneer Paper Stock Company of Texas, a Pioneer Industries International, Inc. company has been part of the Pioneer family of companies since 1984. Originally Sunset Fibers, the plant is located on 3.8 acres, nestled nicely between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, with easy freeway access.

Pioneer Paper Stock Company of Texas is committed to the safety of our employees and our customers. We continually strive to improve safety in all aspects of our business. We believe safety is not a destination, but rather a continual process of improvement.

The plant has undergone major improvements over the years and is capable of handling almost any recycling need. We are constantly adapting our capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers so we may provide the most comprehensive, value-added service possible. Pioneer Paper Stock Company of Texas has worked hard to gain and maintain a reputation of world class service and unrivaled integrity, while keeping our promise to return the highest value to our customers for the material we work together to recycle.

Our highly qualified and experienced team is committed to doing whatever it takes to maintain our high operational standards as we work to continually improve the service and products we provide.

We are proud of our family of employees and believe they are our most valuable resource. Our representatives help tailor recycling programs specific to the needs of our customers and work to add value to the products currently recycled, while working to find value in the materials that may be in the waste stream today.

Our fleet of trucks and the recycling and transportation equipment we have at our disposal allows us to effectively and efficiently meet the recycling needs of our customers. The equipment we utilize in our plant allows us to prepare materials to be recycled, and the world-wide network of mills we work with allows us to ensure that we are finding the best return possible for our products.